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  • When I stopped following advice and began following results, I truly became successful. I help my clients make money, keep money, and multiply money. Why? Because production matters!192
  • Today I passed out fliers for #OperationReborn with my partners @hairscienceak @cliffgoughnour and @thematthewlindsay to the at risk youth and homeless in Anchorage. What I noticed was that in many cases these individuals are being enabled rather than helped. They're being given food, shelter, clothing, and even TV but not the one thing that can change their situation: education on how to get a job. Homelessness is an income problem. Operation Reborn is focused on handling the root issue, which is unemployment and education. We will be hosting our 2nd event this Sunday the 11th from 11 am to 2 pm at Hair Science Barbershop. Help us help Anchorage. #bettertogether216
  • Thank you @mclaubscherv for having me on the Cash Flow Ninja podcast! I had a lot of fun! Check out the interview here: http://cashflowninja.com/273-jerry-fetta/232
  • I don't believe in days off. Days off from what? From life? Build a life you can live freely 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I'd argue if you live for the weekend it means you're taking Monday - Friday "off" from your purpose and you only truly live life on your terms Saturday and Sunday. Own Your Potential.271
  • These guys. I can't say enough about @precisionhomegroup and @alecialindsay. Well I can actually! Find your allies, your partners, your core group and build each other up! Great time at #10xgrowthcon and even bigger things to come from this crew!474
  • I am hiring a badass this weekend. I need a wingman/woman. An executive assistant of sorts! Someone who is detail oriented, can work at a fast pace, and can keep up with a nutjob (me!) If you are that badass, apply here: https://www.wealthdynamx.com/careers/234
  • My first conversation with a Billionaire. @naveenjainceo has a mission to make illness an option. Not only that, he runs the only privately held company that has been given permission to go to the moon. He isn't a doctor or an astronaut. He is a man with big intention!433
  • What a pleasure it was to be interviewed by @keithweinhold on the Get Rich Education podcast! Use the link to listen to the podcast! http://www.getricheducation.com/project/177-dave-ramsey-disciple-transformed-income-centric-wealth-coach-featuring-jerry-fetta/252
  • You must have partners in life and business. Collaborate with people who win when you win and believe the same things you do. 
  • At the #10xgrowthcon with my good friend @mclaubscherv @cashflowninjapodcast247
  • Everybody needs a coach in life. A great evening with my personal coach @michealburt before he speaks at the #10xgrowthcon366
  • Power lunch with my new friend Hanna at WFG!378

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