How to Invest in Yourself

I believe you are your best asset. Why? Because until you realize that, you will always be someone else’s best asset. You will spend 40 hours per week serving the […]

How To Get More Income Sources

The average millionaire has a minimum of 7 income flows. I teach my clients to get to this number ASAP. Why? Because the wealth game is won with income. You […]

When to Invest

One of the biggest myths in the world as it relates to investing is to “start early”. The fact is, by starting too early, an individual can drastically hinder their […]

Who’s Got Your Money?

Money is only yours for a moment. That moment is the minute you exchange to get it. That means you have two options. You can hoard it so that it […]

How to Do the Millionaire Math

If you’ve made the decision to become wealthy, at some point you either have or will need to do the math. What will it take to get there? I want […]

How to Make the Millionaire Decision

Decision is powerful. So is becoming a millionaire. It is no coincident that the word decide at its root means “to cut off”. That is not light vocabulary. Cutting something off means […]

How to Get Super Rich

About 2 years ago, I read the Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. That was the first time I had heard a simplified, workable formula for building wealth. Prior to that […]