How To Get $13 Trillion Dollars Or More

$13 trillion dollars. That’s a hell of a lot of money! A trillion is 12 zeroes! To break it down even further, CNN gave the illustration that spending $1 million […]

The Danger of the Financial Industry

For many years now, I have been actively fighting against the dishonesty and unethical practices of Wall Street, large banks, and the rampant amount of damage done by the financial […]

Wealth Should Be A Family Priority

When I think back to being a kid, I do not have very positive memories about money. I recall my parents fighting about it, getting divorced over it several times, […]

Why You Must Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home. I remember the first time I heard this. I was in basketball and I didn’t really understand exactly what this meant. I hesitate because I […]

$1300 Scholarship Winner Announced!

Last week I launched a $1300 scholarship for Wealth DynamX University. We had some great applicants and we selected the winner today. Before I tell you about the winner I […]